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Learn to Play Traditional Celtic music online
As interest in learning traditional Irish and Celtic music grows around the world it is inevitable that music teachers are not always in close proximity to students.  With the rapid expansion of the internet and the rise in connection speeds students from the far corners of the world can now receive music lessons in the comfort of their own homes.  Although there aren’t many options, the number of online traditional music sites is growing. Below I have listed a few that I am aware of that you may find useful.  I intentionally haven’t provided any reviews of the sites for I will leave that up to you.  I must say that the Online Academy of Irish Music appears to be a world leader and already has some great YouTube videos available.   Some of the sites provide introductory free lessons, but many charge tuition for more advanced lessons. If you know of other sites or opportunities to learn to play online please send the information to me via the ‘contact us‘ option on the website and I will include them in our list.


Multiple Instruments

The Online Academy of Irish Music (OAIM)
,  based in West Co. Clare, offers a new and unique platform for providing quality Irish musical tuition on a global scale. The teaching is transmitted directly from some of Ireland’s most experienced performers and tutors to any location in the world.  Website:


Tradlessions On this site you will find a collection of short videos demonstrating tunes commonly played in San Diego and Los Angeles traditional Irish sessions. In each video, the tune is played once up to dance speed and then once slowly. Lessons include Tin whistle, Irish Flute, Uilleann pipes and Anglo concertina.  Website: http:/


Scoiltrad was the world’s first one-on-one Internet-based music school. It is based in Baile Bhúirne, Co. Cork in the heart of the Muscraí Gaeltacht.  A number of classes are available across a wide range of instruments.  Website:


Irish Flute
Blayne Chastain teaches Irish flute, tin whistle and Bodhran online.  Website:


Colin MacLeod: Was born and raised in Scotland and teaches traditional Scottish and Irish music. He regularly appears at festivals around Australia and New Zealand. In 2006, he recorded along with Rory Sinclair the critically acclaimed CD entitled Roaming Free. Check his website for more information about when and where his online teaching and performances.


Bradon Smith:  Lives in Bristol, England and has been playing the violin for nearly 30 years.  He currently specialises in playing tunes in English, Irish and Scottish styles. He teaches fiddle in Bristol and has expanded his student base by creating fiddle lesson videos which he has made available online via his YouTube Channel.  We encourage you to check out his recent learn-to-play ‘Out on the Ocean’ video (The URL is For further information about his virtual lessons explore Bradon’s website:


Tony O’Rourke’s Guitar Podcasts provide an inexpensive method to learn to play Irish traditional music on the guitar. Website:


BBC Virtual Sessions

You may also want to check out the Virtual Session website sponsored by the BBC which includes the sheet music and the sound files so you can play along with the session. Website:·