McDonnell's Traditional Irish Music Slow Session

MP3 Files of Tunes & Other Practice Tools

We have made MP3 recordings of the tunes we commonly play during our slow & steady sessions to help players learn the tunes by ear. Click on the title to see the contents of each folder and
 download MP3 files of tunes for free. 

1. 34 Core Slow Session Tunes [Downloads Available]

2. Common Slow Session Tunes No. 1 [Downloads Available]

3. Common Slow Session Tunes No. 2 [Downloads Available]

Click on 100 Pipers Music icon to hear the tempo of the tunes on the learning CDs.


Irish Traditional Music Rhythm Tutor by Mark & Collin McDonnell

To assist new musicians and beginning bodhran players with learning the traditional rhythms for jigs, reels, polkas, waltzes, marches and hornpipes we created a unique rhythm tutor. It explains each of the common rhythms and includes drum tracks at different speeds to help beginners and more advanced players keep the correct timing while practicing playing tunes.  To get to the Tutor click on Irish Music Rhythm Tutor

Slow Down Music Software 

In addition to the tools to help you play Irish music mentioned above, there are several software packages available that are capable of slowing down any tune you have on a CD or have recorded so you can play along. Click on the names below to read more about these programs.

Amazing Slow Downer


Fleximusic Wave Editor

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