McDonnell's Traditional Irish Music Slow Session

Beginner Session Tune List


We have created a list of 25 tunes that we play at beginner sessions.

[Click here to get a pdf file of the tune list]

[Click on titles to hear the tune played slowly or right click to download MP3 file]

Title   Type  
1 100 Pipers Slide
2 Blackthorn Stick The Jig
3 Boys of Bluehill Hornpipe
4 Buachaill on Eirne Waltz
5 Butterfly The Slip Jig
6 Fanny Power Waltz
7 Finnigan’s Wake Polka
8 Hannah’s Polka Polka
9 Inisheer Air
10 Kesh Jig Jig
11 Lucy Farr Barn Dance Barn Dance
12 Maggie in the Wood Polka
13 Marie’s Wedding Polka
14 Merrily Kiss the Quakers Wife Jig
15 Murphy’s Polka Polka
16 Off To California Hornpipe
17 Out on the Ocean (Portroe Jig) Jig
18 Primrose Lass Reel
19 Rakes of Kildare Jig
20 Rakes of Mallow Polka
21 Roddy McCauley March
22 Silver Spear The Reel
23 South Wind Waltz
24 Spootishkerry Reel
25 West Clare Jig Jig