McDonnell's Traditional Irish Music Slow Session


Jigs are in 6/8 time which means there are 6 beats per measure and an eight note (Quaver) gets one beat.  For example, here is how you would count while playing a jig. The vertical lines separate measures. Typically in Irish music, we emphasize the FIRST and FOURTH beat in a jig. Listen to the Kesh Jig and say: 

ONE two three FOUR five six | ONE two three FOUR five six |

also try:

Pine-ap-ple-A-pri-cot | Pine-ap-ple-A-pri-cot | Pine-ap-ple-A-pri-cot |


Track 6 Kesh Jig with Slow Rhythm


The manuscript (written form) would look like this:

Kesh Jig sheet music short

Jig Practice Tracks 

  • Track 6 Kesh Jig with Slow Rhythm
  • Track 7 Kesh Jig with Moderate Rhythm
  • Track 8 Jig Rhythm Learning Speed
  • Track 9 Jig Rhythm Slow Speed
  • Track 10 Jig Rhythm Moderate Speed


Kesh Jig Sheet Music (Click here to Download Kesh Jig PDF sheet music file)