McDonnell's Traditional Irish Music Slow Session

MP3 Recordings of Lake School Slow & Steady Session Tunes


We have put together a Lake School Slow Session Tune Booklet which includes the sheet music with chords for over 50 commonly played Celtic session tunes.  The Booklet can be downloaded for free by clicking on Lake School Music Booklet 2023.

Below is a list of the 2023 tunes included in the Tune Booklet.  We have indicated the tunes we play in our Beginner and Intermediate sessions. All total there are 59 tunes. A number of our students asked if we could make available recordings of the tunes Lake School 2023 Final Slow Session TUNE LIST so they can play along with us outside of the Lake School classes.  Recordings are especially helpful for students who cannot play from sheet music.  In March 2019, Lisa and I began making recordings of the tunes in an informal setting with her on the fiddle and me on the Anglo concertina. We made every effort to replicate how we play the tunes in our Slow Session classes.  

In order to learn and play the tunes well, you need to listen to them often.  If you are just beginning to learn the tunes we recommend you listen to the Beginner Tempo tunes for we all tend to play what we hear.


Play or Download Lake School Slow Session Tunes


Lake School Slow Session Tunes Beginner Tempo



Lake School Slow Session Tunes Intermediate Tempo


 [Art by Rowan Fairgrove]