McDonnell's Traditional Irish Music Slow Session

What Session Should I Attend?

If you are learning to play your instrument & are new to Slow Sessions

1. Players new to our sessions should start by coming to the slow beginner sessions first. Although everyone is welcome to come to any session, it is important for beginners to hear the tunes and it doesn’t hurt advanced players to play the tunes slowly.

2. Beginner Slow Sessions occur on the 1st Monday of every month. See Time and Place page for the dates of each weeks sessions.

3. At our Slow Beginner Sessions we concentrate on playing just 25 common Irish session tunes.  Click on Slow Beginner tune list and print out the list which has the names of the tunes and where the sheet music can be found. You can also hear the tunes by clicking on their names on the list or download them as MP3 files.

4. Sheet music is available for all of the tunes we play at our sessions.  We use the 2 volume set of books compiled by Kathleen Harte which can be purchased at our sessions.  We also have a FREE downloadable Session Tune Booklet which has tunes that are not in any existing books.

If you have been playing your instrument for several years but are new to our Slow Sessions

1. If you already play some Irish tunes, are good at reading music or can pick up tunes quickly by ear you should consider attending our Intermediate Slow Sessions.

2. Intermediate Slow Sessions occur on the 2nd Monday of every month. See Time and Place page for the dates of each weeks sessions.

3. At the Intermediate Sessions we play tunes up tempo from our Set List. We tend to play 2 -3 tunes in sequence as is done in many Irish sessions.  The list indicates in which of Kathleen Harte’s Books you can find the sheet music or whether it is in the Session Tune Booklet which you can download for free.

4. At Intermediate Sessions we can also play any of the 100 tunes on our Session Tune List.  You can hear most of these tunes played slowly by downloading zipped Mp3 files.